IPL 2021. 5 things to look forward

Cricket fans can hardly wait for the IPL 2021 season to unfold! Here’s what the next IPL season has in store for online cricket bettors and cricket fans. Discover exclusive online cricket betting tips and strategies on Marathonbet!

Indian Premier League 2021

Play the signature IPL music to any Indian cricket fan, and they would forget all their woes for the time being. In India, the ‘IPL time of the year’ is a season of grand celebration and speculation. From being a family event to a social gathering, the Indian Premier League has become an occasion for individuals to bond over their shared love for the sport.

This time around, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming IPL season is special to IPL spectators and bettors for reasons more than one. Here are some aspects to look forward to in the IPL season of 2021.

In India, By India, and For India!

While the 2020 IPL season hosted in the UAE was thoroughly enjoyable, there is nothing more exciting for IPL fans than the event taking place in their very own country. 2021 harbours hope for the IPL matches to be organized in India, particularly in major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. One can only hope that the coronavirus infection rates will have plummeted significantly by then!

IPL 2021. A Brand-New Franchise

While the existing IPL teams gear up for a new and fun-filled season, there was speculation of one or two new IPL franchises being introduced in the next season. One of these franchises may represent Ahmedabad, thus expanding the current IPL framework. The inclusion of a unique team, or teams, also brings about a novel possibility for online cricket bettors, who eagerly await the odds on the new additions. However, it has now been stated that the addition of two new teams cannot take place within the timescale for this year’s tournament and will more likely occur in 2022.

Lights, Stadium, Auction!

Predicted to take place around the second week of February, the IPL auction may have different guidelines this year as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions. While these rules have not yet been clearly stated, cricket bettors eagerly await the IPL auction as a critical determinant to their betting decisions.

New Teams…and Players

Though the addition of a new franchise this season now looks unlikely, IPL fans harbour the hope of witnessing new players coming into the league. Today, with increasing access to sports facilities, more and more budding cricketers can tap into their potential and gain a firm foothold in the sport.

As the year is all set to unfold, fans and online cricket bettors wait with bated breath to discover the star names who will remain, and the new players hopping on-board, in this IPL season!

Restructuring of CSK…?

While it remains to be seen whether the team would restructure itself, it is evident that the Chennai Super Kings needs some fresh faces. After failing to reach the playoffs for the first time in their history in 2020, questions were asked over some of the older generation of the squad; M.S. Dhoni, Murali Vijay and Ravi Jadeja amongst others.

Their supporters would love to witness new and younger players becoming part of the CSK squad this time around.

IPL 2021. Things every cricket fan looks forward

IPL has been one of the most indispensable cricket leagues in India ever since its inception. Betting on IPL is a matter of careful consideration of the auction, changes in rules (if any) and the team history. On that front, IPL 2021 is likely to warrant much research and analysis for bettors!


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