Football Betting: Top-Rated Former Players That Are Brilliant Case Managers Now

Know about the four best football players and who were also the best class managers and their betting tips. Also, read to know what sets them apart from the other players.

Real Madrid's coach Zinedine Zidane during UEFA Champions League Round of 16 2nd leg match. March 16,2021.(Photo by Acero/Alter Photos/Sipa USA)

It is not necessary to be a star player to later become a top-notch class manager in the world of football. On the same token, every star player does not successfully make the transition into a star class manager. While the list is extensive, and we are sure controversial for the billions of football fans across the world, we are choosing some current champions, who excelled as managers.

Here are several star players that successfully are today’s top-rated class managers:

Ronald Koeman

The former Dutch player and current manager of La Liga club FC Barcelona has won three Eredivisie titles as head coach. The elite player is not only a star of the Netherland national team but also one of the five European players to have won a treble with their club and a cup for their national team in the same year. Another feather in his cap – he is the only player to have dribbled the ball and players, on and off the field for the big three Dutch clubs – Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord. In August 2020, he succeeded Quique Setien as the manager of Barcelona. 

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola built his track record of awards and accolades with his jaw-dropping match performances. He won a total of six different La Liga titles – four of which were back-to-back victories from the early 1990s. Guardiola was able to truly make a name for himself by winning the player of the tournament award and an Olympic gold medal in 1992. Guardiola further solidified his historical track record in 2018 by becoming the first manager to achieve a domestic treble.

Luis Enrique

The Spanish player and now head coach of the national team of Spain is a name well established in football. Though he has now resigned his position as Barcelona’s coach, his second stint with the club helped them win a treble in the first year and a second in the second year. He is not only known for his versatility but for this capability as a player who can take any position in the midfield,

Zinedine Zidane

This star player affectionately known as “Zizou” was arguably the greatest player around the globe during the peak of his career (late 1990s-early 2000s). He won numerous league titles, European Championships, the Champions League, and even the World Cup. Most gamblers knew that Zidane was the closest thing to a “sure thing” possible, which explains why so many football match predictions favored his team. Zidane made history when he became the first manager to win the Champions League title in 3 consecutive years.

Frank James Lampard

The English head coach, though dismissed by Chelsea for its dismal performance in January 2021, was the team’s top goal scorer with 211 goals to his name when he was a player. Frank James Lampard began his coaching career with Derby County, helping them to reach the finals for the Championship Playoffs. As a player, he won the PFA team of the year three times and was the MSA All-Star. His fans also voted him into the Chelsea Team of the Decade.

Diego Simeone

One of the major star qualities of Diego Simeone as a player was his uncanny ability to grab a pass seemingly out of thin air. He also built a reputation for being quick and agile on his feet in addition to his overall strength in the air. Simeone generated an extensive list of awards and accolades during his playing career as well. However, his management career accolades quickly overshadowed the accomplishments that he had as a player – including 7 trophies within 5 years. The legacy of the player affectionately referred to as “EL CHOLO” continues to live on today within the world of online football betting.

Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte’s speed, versatility, and overall appreciation for precise crosses made him a legend as a player. However, it was his nonstop work ethic when it came to his pitches that separated him from the others. That ethic led to 20 different call-ups for Conte to the Italian national team. His hard work paid off when he won runners-up medals for the 1994 World Cup along with the 2000 UEFA Euros.

Other Former Players That Are Current Managers

Here is a list of several other former players that now manage their own teams:

  • Abelardo Fernandez
  • Marcelino Garcia Toral
  • Alvaro Cervera Diaz
  • Jorge Almirón
  • Jose Bordalás Jiménez
  • Míchel (Miguel Angel Sánchez Muñoz)
  • Paco López
  • Julen Lopetegui
  • Sergio González Soriano

Research the Leadership and the Players of the Teams

When making football match predictions, it is easy to shift your primary focus towards the players and the overall team line-up. However, as shown from the star athletes-turned-managers listed above, it is imperative to have a healthy perspective of the bigger picture. Therefore, as you conduct thorough research and prepare your betting selections, remember to acknowledge the coach and overall leadership of the squad.

The knowledge and overall expertise of the class manager can speak volumes about the potential success of their teams. Focusing on class management may even allow you to find treasures within the realm of online gambling that you would have otherwise missed.


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