Betting On Tennis: Everything You Need To Know

Your go-to guide to learn how to bet on tennis. Here we tell you all about the most popular types of tennis betting and basic strategies for success.


Despite being a game played around the world, tennis typically commands the sports spotlight just four times each year. The top men’s and women’s tournaments run almost weekly from the start of the year through early November. It provides a breadth of wagering opportunities to the audience. Of course,  like any other sport, knowledge and practice are keys to successful betting. It means a know-how of the sport, the scoring, the factors that can influence outcomes, which events to bet on and how to mitigate risk.

Tennis Betting Guide. Types Of Wagers


This type of tennis betting is done on a player to win the match.

For example, If Rafael Nadal is -120 on the money line against Roger Federer, this means you would need to pay 120 to win 100 on a Nadal victory. On the other hand, if Federer is +110 in the same match, you would win 110 on a 100 wager.

Game Spread

Another way to place a bet in tennis is on the game or set spread. Many times, tennis matches will feature big odds, so the spread is a great way to level the playing field. For example, Novak Djokovic is a -1,100 favourite over Denis Istomin in a 3-set match. The game spread may be around -4.5. It means Djokovic would need five more games than Istomin in the game (6-2, 6-3) to cover the spread. If Djokovic wins (6-4, 6-4) and you bet the +4.5 on Istomin, you win the bet.


This wager is placed on the total number of games played in a match. You will either bet for the game ending in straight sets by taking the under 2.5 sets, or for the match that takes three sets by betting the over 2.5 sets. Straight sets would be two sets, which is under 2.5. Three sets are, well, three sets, which is around 2.5 sets.

Strategies For Tennis Betting

Tennis offers more variables and more market than almost any other sport. Still, if you wish to maximise your profits while minimising risk, you will need a betting strategy based on a combination of scientific theory and good old-fashioned discipline.

Bet Only When There Is Value

Any betting strategy should equip you with the ability to identify tennis value bets. Any tennis betting system should break down each match up and leave you with a select few contests where betting value is available.

Keep Records of Everything

Betting on tennis involves identifying value and having sound money management. An excellent way to maintain your discipline in both respects is to keep a record of each bet. By keeping a detailed record of your tennis betting, you will be able to conduct regular reviews of your overall performance. This record should include the date, tournament, bet type, bookmaker, your stake, your odds, profit/loss, and comments.

Know Playing Styles

You can find footage in seconds of pretty much any player on tour, male or female, thanks to YouTube. You can watch the service game and return game of a player, and quickly assess what type of player they are, a big server, a server-volleyer, a baseliner, a strong returner, big forehand or backhand, etc.

No matter how experienced you are, it would help if you always started small and tested your new strategies before you move your bet to the next level. Tennis is not going anywhere for a long time, and you will always have tons of opportunities to make money through this sport. Take your time, make sure your overall strategy is sound, do your research and you could start crushing books and rolling in dough!


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