3 Popular Sports for Indian Bettors

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Top 3 Sports - India

contentment. Hence, it should not come as a surprise their keenness in sports betting.

With time, betting on sports is gaining more popularity in India. Sports fans are more eager than ever to understand the fundamentals of the games and make money. Sports betting is also a booming industry, and fans are making a fair amount of money through tennis betting and other sports.

Most Popular Sports Indians Love to Bet on:

  1. Cricket 🏏

Since its inception, cricket enjoyed a unique place in the hearts of the Indian audience. India has produced some excellent cricketers that are role models and inspirations for many      fans. Every victory of the Indian cricket team is celebrated like a festival in the country.

With so many matches taking place, online cricket betting is a beautiful opportunity for Indians to make money and have some fun. Thus, there is high traffic associated with cricket betting in India and fans tend to make great bonuses as well.

  1. Kabaddi

Kabaddi has been around and popular in India for as long as Indians can remember. Now, the game is trending more than it was ever before. Initially, Kabaddi was an entertaining pastime for rural people. Indian kabaddi players are considered as their village heroes and are revered. They are also considered a symbol of masculinity and strength among the villagers.

Today, kabaddi is a top-rated game played at the national level. It is a popular sport among the audience that is amazed and fascinated by the speed, strength, and agility of the players. India is home to ‘The Pro Kabaddi League‘, considered as the best kabaddi league in the world.

Indian punters love the sport and consider it worth investing their money in the game. Kabaddi has the power and potential to capture the interest of Indians. It is a booming and promising business that is here to stay for long.

  1. Tennis 🎾

Tennis has a rich, vibrant, and illustrious history in India, and it is trendy among the locals. India has produced some of the best tennis players, and this game has been in headlines for many years now.

Considering the excitement and love of Indians towards the sport, it’s not surprising to know that tennis betting is a popular and favourite activity of Indian fans.

The opportunities to excel in this business are limitless, and tennis is an excellent choice for sports betting in India. Owing to the fact that tennis is an individual game, a punter only needs to consider a few players and parameters before making a bet, unlike having to keep track of the entire team. When it comes to tennis betting, the four major Grand Slams are the most coveted events and perfect opportunities for bettors.

Betting in sports like cricket, tennis, and kabaddi is thus full of limitless opportunities and is popular among the Indians.


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