Early Odds NBA 2021 Finals. Observations and Analysis

NBA Predictions! Devise a strong betting strategy for NBA 2021 by incorporating the observations and betting tips. Read now to win more!

NBA Early odds

The 2020-21 NBA season began on 22nd December 2020, and so far, Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers have been the frontrunners. It is progressing into a joyous season and will help lift the punters’ spirits deprived of sports events in 2020.

Here is what you need to know about the NBA 2021

NBA Outright Market – NBA Champion 2021

We are witnessing a strong campaign from the Los Angeles Lakers team. They have a phenomenal side with LeBron James and Anthony David. The addition of Montrezl Harrell and Dennis Schröder has further strengthened the team. 

Pundits of the game predict a close finish for the NBA Champion 2021 among the LA Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Celtics, and Phoenix Suns. Since the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Los Angeles Clippers have been performing well; the 75th season could have a surprise champion!

The points table standing for both the eastern and western conference are competitive and so close that the tables can turn, either way, adding to players, spectators, and bettors’ excitement. So, a slow start from your favourite teams should not dampen your spirits. As mentioned above, teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets have secured good standings in the points table.

The tides can turn in favour of your preferred team any time. So, consider all these factors when creating your betting strategy.

NBA Predictions. Can there be surprises?

There can be a few surprises from the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat, and the Portland Trail Blazers. The Boston Celtics (14/1) have strong prospects for this season and Portland Trail Blazers (45/1), too, have a strong side with Damian Lillard on the squad.

But will there be any surprises this season?

Usually, the off-season period gives the players a well-deserved rest and prepares them for the next season. But, the off-season time was cut down by nearly two months, bringing it down to just 140 days.

Since LeBron James with the Los Angeles Lakers lifted the NBA trophy in 2020, they bring the same confidence to this season and hope to be NBA Champions in 2021 again.

However, the teams qualified for the playoffs in the last season would not have much time to rest and are most likely fatigued. This creates a perfect opportunity for teams like the Boston Celtics to pick up the reins. A more extended period of rest might also mean that the players will be a little rusty, while the teams in the playoffs would have more match practice.

A league of 72 matches – impact on the players’ fitness

The 2021 edition of the NBA has been shortened to just 72 games, and it means that there will be many back-to-back matches. The role of COVID-19 will play a significant part in deciding the NBA championship odds with such back-to-back games. Even though there have been talks of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, Indian punters will need to stay updated to assess the players’ fitness.

Bet on NBA Champions 2021

This post covered essential pointers to help you devise a strong betting strategy for the NBA 2021 championship. These are unprecedented times, from the reduced time of the off-season to the global pandemic. But it is safe to say that the 2021 edition of the National Basketball Association is sure to bring ample betting opportunities for Indian punters with excellent odds.


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