Table Tennis Betting Guide

All necessary information you need to know about Table tennis betting. Follow the mentioned information and improve your succeeding chances.

Table tennis guide

Though table tennis is not the most popular sport for bet on. Table tennis also, just like any other sport has its specifics, and one must get familiar with all the key aspects before starting to wager their hard-earned money.

Making a profit by betting on table tennis matches is not easy, and there is no universal formula to be followed.

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Follow these tips to improve your chances on Table Tennis


In addition to checking game rankings, one must also check the ups and downs of a particular player in the ranking. You don’t want to base your decision to bet on a particular player or game without the slightest idea about how they fared in the past.

Player’s Current Shape

Other crucial factors which are often neglected by bookmakers are players fitness and recent performances. The latter will allow you to estimate the situation accurately and give you some sort of advantage over the bookmaker.

Study the Schedule

Before you start placing bets in table tennis, you need to be well aware of where the players’ priorities lie. The professional table tennis schedule comes up with numerous tournaments every year, but all of them do not carry the same weight.

Elite players will be expected to bring their A-game to more prestigious and lucrative events, but that does not mean you will earn something while betting on elite ones or will not earn at all while betting on some lower-ranked athletes. Of course, this is not to say that surprises do not come around often. The point here is that you should know as many details as you possibly can about all the tournaments you want to be betting on.

Background Checks

Even though there is not much information available about table tennis players in the media, it can be found by spending some time on the internet. You can start which social media which can provide the most recent and reliable information about a particular player. Since table tennis is an individual sport, psychological aspects play an essential role too. Count those in when you are weighing the pros and cons of a player.

Types Of Bets Available for Table Tennis

In addition to betting on the winner of a match, there are plenty of other bets you can utilize that can provide more value. Some of them are:

  • Over/Under

You can bet on the total number of points that will be scored in the game or the number of sets it will take before a winner is determined.

  • Tournament Futures

Futures bets are always challenging to win, but the attractive odds can make it worth the risk. In this case, the concept is pretty simple – you bet on who you think will win the tournament. As with any futures bet in other sports, it’s advisable to stay away from the overall favourite. The reduced odds are usually not worth it when you consider how hard it is to win.

  • Live Betting

Live betting is always a great way to capitalize on a comeback. What makes things a little more problematic when it comes to table tennis is that you must be watching the game to make an educated play.

Table tennis might not be the most sought-after game to bet on, but it has real value if you take the time to understand the game and its players. Often, the best bets are the ones that few people are taking. Mind your bankroll, do your research and bet for value. The money you make could have you looking away from NBA and NFL schedules and researching the next big international table tennis tournament.


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